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voicemail system

Voice Mail Automated Attendant facility which comes with most Voice Mails system, will allow calls to be answered automatically, and to route their calls directly to particular extensions or departments without having to speak to an operator. The auto attendant acts as an 'automatic operator' and can relieve the pressure on staffs. It is of particular benefit when a large proportion of calls are from regular callers, or when calls need to be directed outside the hours when the switchboard is not manned.

Callers will always have the option to go straight to the operator for assistance or information. The auto attendant allows callers knowing the extension number to dial it directly or select particular personnel or departments from a multi-level menu. Callers can use any tone-dialing telephone to access menu options, or they may select to use positive voice detection. Callers without tone phones will automatically be diverted to the operator or a default messaging box. Callers not knowing the extension number they require can press the star button to hear a spoken directory.

Taking the message with Voice Mail your callers will always be able to get through and leave messages therefore allowing your organisation to communicate more effectively by eliminating the biggest weakness of telephone communication: no answer because the person you wish to speak to is not available. A voice message to an individual or a group is often the most succinct, understandable and immediate form of communication. Thousands of personnel and departments in an organisation can be allocated individually configured mail boxes. In addition mail box owners will be provided with a range of powerful options for being notified of, and dealing with, those messages.

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