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call accounting system

Do you know how your employees are using your telecom resources?

By extracting and translating data from a variety of telecom data sources (including conventional voice, VoIP, VoFrame & VoATM), Supreme can help you to provide valuable business reports that will help your organization improve employee productivity, enhance network security, optimize trunk resources, prevent telephone call abuse, and control, allocate, and recover telecom costs.

Improves Employee Productivity: Profiles inappropriate telephone use and tracks call center work productivity.

Enhances Network Security: Detects suspicious call patterns, profiles telecom hacking attempts and security breaches, ensures call security policy effectiveness.

Optimizes Bandwidth Resources: Identifies telecom bandwidth/trunk usage by user and department, profiles inefficient telecom usage, and helps predict telecom bandwidth upgrade needs.

Controls Telephone Costs: Creates user/department bills for telephone usage, promoting cost-efficient, accountable, telecom use. Helps control, allocate, and recover telecom costs, reducing costly, unplanned purchases.

Prevents Telephone Abuse: Reveals employee telephone abuse by calls, numbers, individuals, patterns, etc., helping to enforce telephone usage policies and avoid costly, legal liabilities.

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